How to print random strings

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Thu Nov 3 01:38:37 CET 2005

theboringdays at writes:

> Im at the end of chapter 3 of "Python Programming For The Absolute
> Beginner, Michael Dawson " and he asks to make a fortune program that
> displays a fortune each time its ran, and to have 5 unique fortunes.
> Whats confusing is that, he never discussed how to do this. The only
> thing he talked about was using random.randrange() and I tried that
> with text but it seems like its only for integers as it complains when
> I put text in the argument.
> So how would I go about have 5 strings, and running a program that will
> randomly pick one of those to print?
> I think he may have forgot to cover something?

How about using the integer as an index to access the elements of a list? ;-) 

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