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> What is the cheapest/affordable pocket device that I can code python
> on? I think the closest I have seen is pocketpc from this page:

 *Cameron Laird <claird at>* wrote:
> >
>  .... achieves stunning results with his tiny PocketPC Magician
> >
> . the cheapest pocketpc might be dell refurbished .
>  $319.00 Axim X50v Advanced Graphics 624 Mhz and VGA display
> (remember vga -- that was desktop! )
> google

dell axim refurbished

. if your time is worth a lot,
then a larger screen for $350
might be cheaper than the typical $200
. pda's have been my idea of a cheap desktop replacement;
but I've been through a lot of add-on keyboards,
. so now I'm looking at my python.ce as more for
running programs that I wrote elsewhere,
such as:
my new walkable" Fujitsu P1500D
(an xp pro tablet with a complete but reduced-sized kybd)
. it should be here in 2 weeks;
and then I can -- with harness holding the laptop on my chest --
walk around downtown Spokane Wa
connected to the free wifi broadband
and there are briefcase-sized batt`s to keep a walker`s costs down

. even when tablets have a cheap screen that can't compete with the sun,
walkables are convenient at libraries
because I can easily touch-type my log
while jumping between catalog and shelves
-- I've already made one for my axim and it`s plug-in keyboard:
I added straps and drawstrings to the
clamshell of a spent palm keyboard .
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