Can Anyone Help me on this

Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Nov 4 06:34:22 CET 2005

blah at blah.blah <blahman> wrote:

> Thanks Guys, Wow, i didnt knew that there was alist reverse function.
> thx. also. i need a good documentation of the os and sys modules as 
> well as builtin functions of python.
> the standard python documentation doesnt work for me. can u recommend
> something?

I'm biased, but I'd recommend the book "Python in a Nutshell".  My
suggestion: take advantage of the "Safari" online library for 2 weeks'
of free subscription -- make sure you cancel after 13 days if you want
to avoid being billed for the subscription's fee.  In those 2 weeks you
get to read for free a few books in the online library -- I'd suggest
sampling the Nutshell, the Cookbook and possibly a couple more...


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