Monster python24.dll / stripping off asian codecs to separate package(s) ?

Robert kxroberto at
Fri Nov 4 19:21:47 CET 2005

Martin v. Löwis schrieb:
> Robert wrote:
> > Wouldn't it be an issue to think about if future win-python distributions
> > should keep on including the asian codecs in the main-dll?
> Indeed, it would. As I said before: if somebody defines a clear, fair
> policy which finds agreement in the community, I'm willing to change the
> current policy on what goes into python24.dll, and what is built
> separately. Bonus points if the policy is accompanied with a patch.
> The policy should not be static, i.e. it should also give a guideline
> for modules introduced in the future.
> At the moment, the policy is this: "everything that does not depend on
> an external library should go into pythonXY.dll". As a result of this

reducing the big python24.dll is still a tangling issue: keeping up
with new python versions.  creating an installer or copying files
around. unsecurty, if the compiler is error free ...
for me the big DLL size is the only reason to rebuild python. Guess
there are more people suffering from the doubled size of python24.dll
vs python23.dll

I guess there is no good mathematical policy. But maybe a practical one
(as pythons policy is practicability - not to be a LISP): the size of
the libraries. 'd perfectly happy if the asian codecs are out.

A practical policy: respect size + usage frequency :

For future independent libs: Check their size. If they they are
monsters, check if the lib is used in more than 80% of applications. if
not, keep monster libs sparately, as they blow up installers and memory


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