Returning a value from a Tk dialog

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Tue Nov 8 07:26:06 CET 2005

Gordon Airporte wrote:

> The dialogs in tkColorChooser, tkFileDialog, etc. return useful values
> from their creation somehow, so I can do stuff like this:
> filename = tkFileDialog.askopenfilename( master=self )
> I would like to make a Yes/No/Cancel dialog that can be used the same
> way (returning 1/0/-1), but I just cannot figure out how to do it. At
> best I've been able to get some kind of instance id from the object. How
> does this work?

if you want a message box, use the tkMessageBox module.  there's
no ready-made wrapper for yes/no/cancel, but you can call the _show

    import tkMessageBox
    result = tkMessageBox._show(
        "title", "message", tkMessageBox.QUESTION, tkMessageBox.YESNOCANCEL

result will be tkMessageBox.YES, tkMessageBox.NO, or tkMessageBox.CANCEL.

    if result == tkMessageBox.YES:
        return 1
    if result == tkMessageNox.No:
        return 0
    return -1 # assume cancel


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