How to get started in GUI Programming?

Brian Elmegaard brian at
Mon Nov 28 15:45:57 CET 2005

peter.mosley at writes:

> Others recommended wxPython, PyQt and various derivatives.  The trouble
> is there's too much choice!  

Agreed, I tried to find /the answer/ some time ago, and I got to the
same conclusion. In addition it is even more difficult to find the
advantages and disadvantages of the different toolkits. 

My main reasons for choosing wxpython (but never really try to do
something useful with it) was the native look-and-feel on different
platforms and the many different examples, and the demo application

Unfortunately, even wxpython supports two or three ways of doing
drawings on a canvas, and not that many examples were available for

In addition pyqt should be great, I read. So i have been waiting for
trolltech to release qt4 and just saw that they have. pyqt is not
updated yet.

> One development is that my local public library has, to my surprise,
> managed to locate a copy of 'Python and Tkinter Programming' by J.
> Grayson.  I've not read it yet, and an initial flick through
> doesn't look too promising but maybe I am mistaken..  

I had the same experience with it. I got more from 

Brian (remove the sport for mail)

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