Python obfuscation

The Eternal Squire eternalsquire at
Wed Nov 16 23:06:32 CET 2005

>Utter poppycock. Who is to say that a particular entity holds an
>exclusive "sales opportunity" to a particular individual? Are we to
>protect the expectations of profit for some, at the expense of sharing
>things with each other?

Utter horse manure.  Anyone can profit from something so long as it
is thier own idea.

>> Ourselves and our children are lost generations with respect to
>> ethics, manners,

>Ethics such as sharing, and helping one's neighbour?

Giving away an illegal copy of software it not helping one's neighbor,
it is making that neighbor an accessory to copyright infringement,
a federal offense punishable not in excess of 10 years of $10K.
Such a nieghbor should ask: "with friends like that, who needs

>I certainly hope our grandchildren will live in an environment that
>encourages helping each other, yes.

Helping each other cheat on a test is not helping, it is hurting.
is no difference ethically between plagiarism, cheating, or

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