useradd command in Zope

Josef Meile jmeile at
Mon Nov 7 22:49:24 CET 2005

Sorry, I replied to the Wrong list :-(

Josef Meile wrote:
>>     su zope (or whoever your zope runs)
>>     ./ someuser somepass
>>     You will see it fail (apart from the fact you need
>>     the #!/path/to/python.bin and set the execution bit
>>     with chmod a+x before you try)
>>  >   i tried using another user outside of zope .....
>>      working very well(adding user to system)....
> Perhaps the other user is either root or it belongs to the root's
> groups.
>>      owner of external method is root and set_user_id bit is set.....
>>      but problem is when i run attached app it is not adding user ....
> set_user_id only works with C binary files. So, here you have to use
> sudo.
> Regards,
> Josef

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