Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Sun Nov 13 09:33:13 CET 2005

James Colannino <james at colannino.org> wrote:
>Hey everyone.  I tried to use os.chown() in the following manner:
>os.chown('filename', 'username', 'groupname')
>I got an error, and when I googled for this function I realized that I 
>must pass the numerical uid and gid.  My question is, is there a way for 
>me to change ownership based on the name instead of the number?  Perhaps 
>there's a function that will let me lookup the uid from the username, 
>and the gid from the groupname?

One way is:
  os.system( 'chown username:groupname filename')

Are you doing this as root?  The chown function is usually restricted to
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