Inserting Records into SQL Server - is there a faster interface than ADO

geskerrett at geskerrett at
Fri Nov 11 16:59:11 CET 2005

I have a program that reads records from a binary file and loads them
into an MS-SQL Server database.  It is using a stored proc, passing the

I am using pywin32 to create a connection object.  Once the connection
is open I simple pass the SQL formatted commands using

My test examples;

20,000 records using the ADO connection: 0:04:45:45

If I setup the program to not send the record to the database - so all
other variables and processes are constant, it simply just skips the
cnx.Execute(sqlstring) step, then it takes only 0:00:25:78 to process
thru the same number of trx.

Obviously the times in my test are that , but I have a client that woud
like to use this and has several million transactions to content with.

So my questions is ....
Is there a "faster" method I can use to connect to the SQL server ?
Or does anyone have any "optimization" tips the can offer ?

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