syntax errors while building pypgsql

Tin Gherdanarra tinman31337 at
Wed Nov 23 14:37:50 CET 2005

bonono at wrote:
> Tin Gherdanarra wrote:
>>bonono at wrote:
>>>Have you tried apt-get build-dep pypgsql ?
>>>It could be that you lacks the necessary packages to build it.
>>funny you'd mention it, I did. pypgsql does not seem to
>>be an apt-get package, however. It did not work because
>>"E: Couldn't find package pypgsql"
>>The fact that there is a
>>	PyObject_HEAD PGconn *conn;
>>throws an error can't be relieved by another package,
>>I guess...
> If that is the case, you need to read the pypgsql for what it is
> needed. As an alternative, you may try apt-get build-dep celementtree
> which may pull in the necessary files. But this is really WAG.
Thanks, but what is WAG?

This came right in: Confusingly, it's not apt-get pypgsql, it is
python-pgsql. After doing a apt-get python-pgsql. I'm not yet
one happy camper, but getting there. Thanks.

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