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Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Nov 17 13:08:01 CET 2005

In article <bnunn19ookkdncc4uqe5bnn22v7p6mv8tg at>,
Gorlon the Impossible  <meatpodeye at> wrote:
>the fly' so to speak. I checked out the threading module and its
>working for what I am trying to do at the moment, but I am open to
>suggestions and eager to learn all I can about other options. Thanks
If threading is already working for you, stay with it; it
certainly has the technical ability to do all you describe
for your eventual goal.  Apart from that, just keep reading
the standard documentation.  You might also consider
<URL: > and
<URL: >
(except that the latter is now in its second edition--why hasn't
the reviewer addressed this yet!?).

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