BayPIGgies: November 10, 7:30pm (Google)

Alex Martelli aleax at
Tue Nov 8 05:44:12 CET 2005

Aahz <aahz at> wrote:

> The next meeting of BayPIGgies will be Thurs, November at 7:30pm at
> Google (Bldg 43, room Tunis).

1600 Amphitheater Parkway in Mountain View (CA), btw.

> Hasan Diwan will demonstrate a prototype GPS system written in Python.
> Let's all work to convince him that he doesn't need to rewrite it in
> Java!

Hear, hear!

> BayPIGgies meetings alternate between IronPort (San Bruno, California)
> and Google (Mountain View, California).  For more information and
> directions, see

...and if you're interested in a Google-offered dinner, at 6:30pm just
before the meeting, please email Neal Norwitz, nnorwitz at,
***ASAP*** -- in theory the number of dinner-attendees is now set (we
had to confirm said number earlier this afternoon), but maybe we can
make space for you.  As the "price" for your dinner, you'll have to
listen to a short spiel by a Google recruiter explaining why we
desperately need YOU (or more generally brilliant Pythonistas interested
in working for Google!-)...

If you show up at 7:30pm, after dinner, you won't have to listen to
anything except Hasan's talk (but, you'll miss a chance to sample
Google's famous food...;-).  Emailing Neal would still be nice, just so
we know you're expected to show up... but, not absolutely _required_!


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