Class Variable Access and Assignment

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Tue Nov 8 09:04:55 CET 2005

Antoon Pardon wrote:
> Fine that goes both ways. I don't mind not being taken serious by people
> I have trouble taking serious my self. No doubt that goes for you too.

You know Antoon, these internet communities aren't really like
Speaker Corner in Hyde Park. You earn respect based on your merits,
not from the stubborn persistence in you arguments.

Steve has written a very good book on Python, he's worked a lot
with Python conferences, and helped people on comp.lang.python
for years etc. He has earned his respect.

You are fighting wind mills, bickering about things that you
don't have any solutions for. It's possible that you have just
not realized how Python handles objects, names and classes, but I
can't understand what you are trying to accomplish. What can you
possibly try to convey that you haven't already stated? It's
as if you've got stuck in this thread. In the real world, I
haven't heard of anyone ever having had problems with this.

Isn't it better to let it go and to spend your time on something

I recently heard a priest say, that the difference between the
saint and the fanatic is that the fanatic tries to remove the
evil in the world, while the saint tries to remove the evil in

Just as introspection is useful both in fighting evil and in
Python programming, I think it's useful when we get into heated
discussions. I've always loved heated discussions, but over time,
I've come to realize that the best thing that can happen in such
a discussion is to realize that I was wrong. Then I've learnt
something! If I don't change my mind, I'm just standing still.
In that case, it might be useful for someone else, if she or he
learnt something from it, but the best thing is if I learn

This thread is all to infected to lead to good things. Hopefully
you'll learn something about communication from it, but the price
has been higher than you might be aware of right now.

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