python gc performance in large apps

David Rushby DavidRushby at
Fri Nov 4 22:45:30 CET 2005

Robby Dermody wrote:
> I have not yet run the director with COUNT_ALLOCS yet, due to a
> problem dynamically loading in the kinterbasdb (Firebird SQL
> interface) module.

What're the specifics of the loading problem with kinterbasdb?

AFAIK, kinterbasdb itself runs fine in a debug build of Python.  The
egenix mx extensions, which kinterbasdb uses for date/time handling
unless the user specifies otherwise, do not.  I've conferred with MAL
on this topic and was told that egenix "doesn't support" running the
extensions in a debug build.  I made my own modifications to the mx
extensions so that they work properly in a debug build; I could post
the modified version somewhere for download if you're interested.

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