Tkinter from Vis. BASIC

Terrance N. Phillip mediocre_person at
Sat Nov 19 19:54:04 CET 2005

jmdeschamps at wrote:

>>I want to do the same thing in Python/Tkinter:
>>         # Wait for network to recognize the workstation:
>>         while os.system("slist") != 0:
>>             self.notify["fg"] = randcolor()
>>             # how do I refresh label l3 at this point?
>>             time.sleep(3)

> I know of an update_idletask() method, look it up in the tkinter doc to
> see if that's what you need!
Thanks. I did a dir(label_object) and saw update() and 
update_idletasks(). updeate() seems to do the trick.

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