syntax errors while building pypgsql

Tin Gherdanarra tinman31337 at
Wed Nov 23 17:01:28 CET 2005

Gerhard Häring wrote:
> Tin Gherdanarra wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> I'm trying to install pypgsql. However, I get syntax errors
>> while compiling the C sources. The following excerpt
>> from pgconnection.h looks a little funny to me:
>> typedef struct {
>>      PyObject_HEAD /* Here is the syntax error, and rightly so */
>> [...]
>> I don't know what PyObject_HEAD or PGconn is,
>> but if they are types, a syntax error is justified here: [...]
> I don't think that's the real error.

Well, I don't know what's going on in that struct def,
but to me it looks a little weird.

> Are there any error messages 
> *before* that?

Nope. First error.

> Like the compiler can't find "Python.h" or something? 
> That would be an indication that you do not have the python-devel 
> package installed.

This provokes different errors. Your idea is good, though,
because this was the first problem another correspondent
pointed out.

> Btw. the Debian package of pyPgSQL is called python-pgsql, so an apt-get 
> install python-pgsql should do.

Thanks, this I have found out already (see previous post).
It is in the fine print of the documentation.


> -- Gerhard

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