newbie how do I interpret this?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sat Nov 12 18:31:38 CET 2005

bobueland at wrote:

> >>> help(m.groups)
> Help on built-in function groups:
> groups(...)
> >>>
> My question is. How do I interpret the hiven help info
> groups(...)
> alt1. Tough luck. There's no help. People are to busy to write
> reference manuals.

they're busy writing reference manuals, you mean:

> alt 2. There are no parameters. The only possibility is m.groups()

in this case, that happens to be the most common way to use
the method.

> alt3. Something else

the words "built-in function" means that the function is im-
plemented in C, and is therefore outside the reach of Python's
introspection mechanisms.  In this case, there don't seem to
be any custom docstring associated with this method, so the
above is all help() can tell you at the moment.  This may of
course change in future releases.


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