best way to discover this process's current memory usage, cross-platform?

RalfGB ralfgb at
Thu Nov 17 21:24:48 CET 2005

Alex Martelli schrieb:

> MrJean1 <MrJean1 at> wrote:
> > This may work on MacOS X.  An initial, simple test does yield credible
> > values.
> Definitely looks promising, thanks for the pointer.
> > However, I am not a MacOS X expert.  It is unclear which field of the
> > malloc_statistics_t struct to use and how malloc_zone_statistics with
> > zone NULL accumulates the stats for all zones.
> It appears that all of this stuff is barely documented (if at all), not
> just online but also in books on advanced MacOS X programming.  Still, I
> can research it further, since, after all, the opendarwin sources ARE
> online.  Thanks again!
> Alex

"mallinfo" is available on most UNIX-like systems(Linux, Solaris, QNX,
etc.) and is also included in the dlmalloc library (which works on

There is a small C extension module at
which should give access to mallinfo() and thus byte accurate memory
usage information. 

I have to admit, that I did not tried it myself...

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