port script to embedded device - decompile pyinstaller exe?

niclane niclane at oakcom.co.nz
Tue Nov 22 17:17:46 CET 2005


I have some python scripts, I need to run a netgear router, i have a
cross compilation
setup that works for c code no problem. the python interpreter doesn't
appear to have
been successfully cross compiled to this netgear router although others
have tried.

what i'd like to do is get these scripts to run on the router. i saw
pyinstaller creates exes
that can be run on a standard x86 linux desktop. what i thought i could
do was create
an exe, decompile it to c and then do a cross compile for the device.

there must be a better way... any suggestions? can I get pyinstaller to
make a exe
for the router directly? or is there a process to create c source from
a python script?
is there an easy way to wrap the python perhaps in a c source?
alternatively will my suggestion work?

as you'd have gathered I don't have much experience in this type of
thing so any
help the community out there can provide would be greatly appreciated.

the routers are all netgear wgt634u models, running a slight variant of
openwrt called
openwgt. the tool chain is mipsel-linux.

thanks for your help.


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