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> Hi !
> I've looked all over (internet, books, etc.) and I haven't found a very 
> good ressource to get started with wxPython (yes, I've been through 
> their tutorial).
> What I would basically like to do for starters is to be able to define 
> the main panel being displayed. For example :
> 1. wxFrame contains a wxPanel  (call it mainPanel).
> 2. mainPanel contains another panel (childPanelA)
> 3. another panel has been defined (childPanelB) but is not displayed 
> (the user can only see childPanelA inside mainPanel)
> 4. by clicking on a menu entry (for example), the displayed panel is now 
> childPanelA (which is inside mainPanel)
> So how do I do this ? I realize it's a very basic question, but it's 
> been driving me mad...

I don't know or use wxWidgets, and I've just learned GTK, but I think 
one good answer is the same as with GTK:  use a wxNotebook.  You may be 
able to hide the tabs, or you may just decide they're a good thing to 

To do what you asked, see the wxWindow method Show(), which you would 
call for each or A and B etc. in response to the command.
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