Instead of obsessing over the library *reference*, why not use other documentation?

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Nov 6 09:31:54 CET 2005

Charlton Wilbur wrote:

> This is one of the places where Apple's Cocoa documentation shines:
> there are frequently snippets of code accompanying more complicated
> methods, which is nice, but there are a couple dozen small sample
> programs that demonstrate how to use particular aspects of the
> framework, available with full source code.

There is no shortage of code examples for Python modules either,
thanks to people who've worked hard to prepare cookbooks and example
collections.  If people began using those instead of complaining about
the library reference or their own inability to use the help()
command, everybody would save a lot of time.

(this would also make it easier for less ignorant "newbies" to find
the examples: when Xah first complained about gzip, googling for
"python gzip example" brought up a full page of examples.  If you do
the same search today, you'll still find examples, but 5 of the top 10
hits are references to Xah's problems with the library reference. A
few more rounds, and people will have to start adding -xah to their
Python searches to get quality results.)


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