How to write an API for a Python application?

Gary Kshepitzki kehilanyas at
Wed Nov 16 15:50:36 CET 2005

Its an interesting solution but I need a more closely coupled solution,
with real time events, so the communication really has to be 2 ways, and not 
by polling.
Thanks for putting the time and though.

<jmdeschamps at> wrote in message 
news:1132144040.194283.285890 at
> While not sure of the behavior you are trying to achieve, XML-RPC comes
> to mind.  But it's based on HTTP protocol in which the client puts
> request to the server which has to respond. The server cannot initiate
> interactions.
> XML-RPC is both widely avalaible, and very easy to implement.
> NOTE: in order for the server to raise events in the client, the client
> needs only raise periodically a *need-anything-from-me* type of request
> which permits the server to return its request in response to the
> client. Naturally this solution makes superfluous calls takes some
> bandwidth, so it might not be appropriate in every circumstance.

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