Dictionary of tuples from query question

David Pratt fairwinds at eastlink.ca
Mon Nov 14 06:55:05 CET 2005

Hi.  I am interested in having results from a db query in the following 

{1: (value0, value1, value2,), 2: (value0, value1, value2,), 3: 
(value0, value1, value2,)}

so I generate a dictionary of tuples (field values) dynamically so if I 
queried a table with five fields I would have five fields in my tuple 
and if I had 20 fields in my query, I would have 20 fields in my tuple, 

Note that the dict starts at 1 and not zero.  From the code below, the 
structure I have currently is:

{1: {0:value0, 1:value1, 2:value2}, 2: {0:value0, 1:value1, 2:value2}, 
3: {0:value0, 1:value1, 2:value2}}

My code so far. I guess my problem is how to generate a tuple 
dynamically when it is immutable?

Many thanks

cursor = db.cursor()
	SELECT * FROM countries;
rows = cursor.fetchall()

vdict = {}
for row in range(len(rows)):
	col_dict = {}
	for col in range(len(rows[row])):
		value = rows[row][col]
		col_dict[col] = value
	vdict[row + 1] = col_dict
print vdict

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