want some python ide

alex.greif at gmail.com alex.greif at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 13:56:59 CET 2005

look for SciTE

it is small, fast and lightweight

Alex Greif

D H wrote:
> prolibertine at gmail.com wrote:
> > i want some python ide use pygtk
> > eric3 is good for me ,but i like gtk,so i want some pygtk ide look like
> > eric3
> > wing is a good python ide,but i can not download it
> > some other python ide(must use pygtk)
> > thx
> >
> You can just use a text editor like jedit with gazpacho or glade
> http://gazpacho.sicem.biz/
> They are not as easy to use at QT Designer though for building interfaces.

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