Python obfuscation

Mike Meyer mwm at
Fri Nov 11 16:40:10 CET 2005

"Ben Sizer" <kylotan at> writes:
>> A recent, heavily
>> publicized case where Sony added copy protection to a product cost
>> them sales, and from what I've heard, even legal fees.
> I think that's a poor example - the cost hasn't come from the mere act
> of adding protection, but the method in which that protection operates.

That was sort of the point - that the effect on the bottom line of
adding copy protection is usually worse than just the cost of the
software, and can be much worse. This is a particularly egregious
example, but that just makes it an egregious example, not a poor one.

> I don't think anybody here - certainly not me - is talking about
> infecting a user's system to protect our property, or taking any other
> intrusive steps. I'd just like to make it non-trivial to make or use
> additional copies.

I've returned software that wouldn't run from a backup copy. Would I
return your software? If yes, have you factored the loss of sales to
people like me into your profit calculations?

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