ANN: rest2web 0.4.0alpha

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Mon Nov 14 17:12:03 CET 2005

rest2web 0.4.0 alpha is now available.

What's New ?


Lots of bugfixes and new features since the 0.3.0 release.

Includes a new gallery plugin (which will also function as a standalone
HTML gallery generator).

There is also an experimental windows executable version.

The documentation has been greatly improved, including a tutorial which
should get anyone up to scratch on the basics very quickly.

What is rest2web

**rest2web** is a tool for autogenerating wesites, or parts of
websites. It's main features are :

* Integrated with docutils.
* Automatically builds index pages and navigation links (sidebars and
{acro;breadcrumbs;Weird name for navigation links ?}).
* Embedded code in templates for unlimited expressiveness.
* Flexible macro system.
* Uses relative links, so sites can be viewed from the filesystem.
* Unicode internally - so you don't have to be. {sm;:-p}
* Includes features for multiple translations of sites.
* Built-in gallery creator plugin.
* The basic system is very easy to use.
* Lots of powerful (optional) features.

The content can be stored as HTML, or in reST format; in which case the
HTML will be generated using docutils. **rest2web** inserts each page
into a template, and automatically creates index pages for sections,
and navigation links.

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