PySizer 0.1

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at
Mon Nov 14 08:26:17 CET 2005

A small hint about the Web-site:
At least to me, the links to the documentation as e.g.
are broken (no big thing, because the distro has it anyway).


"Nick Smallbone" <nick.smallbone at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:1131922657.017880.218920 at
> I'd like to announce the first release of PySizer, a memory usage
> profiler for Python code.
> PySizer was written as part of Google's Summer of Code.
> The source, documentation and so on are at
> The current release is at
> The code is kept in a Subversion repository at
> The idea is to take a snapshot of memory use at some time, and then
> use the functions of the profiler to find information about it.
> Features
> --------
> * You can make a snapshot of all reachable objects at a given time,
>   organised as a tree (well, a graph, since there are cycles).
> * For any given object, you can find out how much space it takes up,
>   what objects it references and so on.
>   With a patched version of Python, you can also find out what stack of
>   function calls created an object, and what objects were created by
>   each stack of calls.
> * You can collect objects into groups. For example, you can group each
>   object according to the module it appears to come from. Then you can
>   treat each module as a single object.
> * You can filter objects, find the amount of space used by instances of
>   each type, find objects which appeared from one snapshot to the next,
>   find the biggest objects/types/groups, and so on.
> Requirements
> ------------
> See
> The main one is Python 2.4 - I will port it to 2.3 soon.
> Bugs, suggestions, comments, problems, anything else
> ----------------------------------------------------
> You can contact me at nick.smallbone at I would love to know if
> you find a use for it, too.

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