Getting Python Accepted in my Organisation

bonono at bonono at
Sat Nov 5 03:33:14 CET 2005

Chris F.A. Johnson wrote:
>    If I want to read that way, I just tell my newsreader not to
>    display the quoted material (actually it displays the first line of
>    each block).
>    Or I press TAB to jump to the next original material.
My news reader is through Google, web browser. So there is no this
feature there.

> > I would only do in-line response type when there is a need for
> > specific response in context.
>     If there's not, why would you quote anything?
To keep the original so if people want, they can still read it. And the
google reader has this feature which has the quoted collapsed. And this
response is the kind that I think in-line response is needed

I believe what reader one use also drive the reading/writing habit.

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