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Xah Lee wrote:
> the Journey of Foreign Characters thru Internet
> Xah Lee, 20051101
> There's a bunch of confusions about the display of non-ascii characters
> such as the bullet "•". These confusions are justifiable, because the
> underlying stuff is technology, computing technologies, are in a laymen
> sense, extremely complex.
> In order to be able to type the bullet char, post it to a newsgroup,
> and receive the posted material, and have that bullet displayed as a
> bullet as it was intended, truly involves the availability of several
> technologies, on the sender's computer, on the receiver's computer, and
> thru the network that received the posting, and the network the post
> was retrieved, as well as the configuration of the sender and poster's
> computers. And, cross your fingers, that all things should go well, but
> unfortunately, because the fucking asses criminals such as Larry Wall
> in the computing industry, mostly likely things will not go well.
> [Disclaimer: all mention of real persons are opinion only.]
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