defining the behavior of zip(it, it) (WAS: Converting a flat list...)

bonono at bonono at
Wed Nov 23 05:06:12 CET 2005

r... at wrote:
> Well, I do too mostly.  On rereading my post, it seems I overreacted
> a bit.  But the attitude I complained about I think is real, and has
> led to more serious flaws like the missing if-then-else expression,
> something I use in virtually every piece of code I write, and which
> increases readability.  (Well, ok that is not the end of the world
> either but it's lack is irritating as hell, and yes, I know that it is
> now back in favor.)

I have the same feeling too, which I coin the "personality" of the
group and the language in general :-)

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