Python's website does a great disservice to the language

The Eternal Squire eternalsquire at
Wed Nov 2 20:25:13 CET 2005

I like the Python website just fine.  It has exactly what it needs to
document and advocate Python, no more and no less.  Plus, it loads
quite fast.  Two suggestions for the OP:

1)  Go to Barnes and Noble or Amazon and read or buy the book "Web
Sites That Suck".  It is a fully detailed and annotated text showing
what not to do on websites, and why.

2)  Consider what he really wants for a supervisor of software
engineers.   Ideally such a person should be a software engineer with
at least 3 times the experience of the most junior member.  Such a
person should also behave as a sensei to the team members, that is,
having the ability to motivate by example and by knowledge.

The Eternal Squire

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