convert string to the "escaped string"

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sat Nov 12 15:27:18 CET 2005

Petr Jakes wrote:

> I am trying to convert string to the "escaped string".
> example: from "0xf" I need "\0xf"

> I am able to do it like:
> a="0xf"
> escaped_a=("\%s" % a ).decode("string_escape")
> But it looks a little bit complicated in this beautiful language to me

I suspect that optimizing for people who want to turn "0xf" into
chr(0) + "xf" isn't exactly a priority...

if that's really what you want, of course.  are you sure you didn't
mean to write, say

    chr(int("0xf", 0))

(that is, convert 0xf to a character) or

    repr(chr(int("0xf", 0)))

(that is, convert 0xf to a character, and convert that character to a
string literal)



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