install python2.4 on FreeBSD and keep using python2.3

Micah Elliott mde at
Thu Nov 17 19:12:41 CET 2005

On Nov 17, Ksenia Marasanova wrote:
> I have python2.3, installed from port /lang/python long time ago. The
> current version is 2.4, but I'd rather have two python versions,
> instead of upgrading.
> Is there maybe a way to somehow link installed python to
> /lang/python2.3 port, and then upgrade ports and install /lang/python
> as a new (2.4) version, without upgrading?
> Or am I missing something and the things are much easier? I am not a
> FreeBSD guru and it's my first python upgrade... thanks!

Just pass "configure" an option like "--prefix /wherever/you/want".
Then make and make install.  Do this with as many Pythons as you like.

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