ANN: Circe 0.0.3b1 released

Nick D. nick125 at
Wed Nov 9 01:06:07 CET 2005

Matthew Nuzum <mattnuzum <at>> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm curious, does Circe use threading? I have been frustrated that
> some of the things I've wanted to do required threading, but haven't
> found much documentation or good examples of using threading with
> wxPy.
> I'm eager to disect the source of something that successfully combines the two.
> --
> Matthew Nuzum

Circe, as of this time, does not contain any threading code. We are planning in
the future to possibly add threading when we decide to implement DCC support.
Please check in when we have added that feature, we might have added some


Nick D.

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