Computer Language Shootout

Bengt Richter bokr at
Wed Nov 30 03:20:37 CET 2005

On 29 Nov 2005 14:08:12 -0800, igouy at wrote:

>We don't scrape programs from news-groups, if you'd like the program to
>be shown on the shootout then please attach the source code to a
>tracker item.
You asked for something, got a response, and then you haughtily[1] declare
that it's not being served on a special platter from your cupboard,
and you won't deign to "scrape" the serving onto your own platter.
Pfui. Your apparent[1] attitude turns me off, not to mention your top-posting.

Using what you are _given_ in a normal (and voluntary!) response
__within the same newsgroup context of your own request__ is not
to "scrape programs from news-groups".

[1] allowing for possible language translation difficulties resulting
in expressions with unintended attitudinal overtones.

If you are not prepared at least to say "thanks" before rejecting
what's offered, please don't ask for anything from newsgroup volunteers.
They deserve a better response to their generosity.

>Please follow the FAQ instructions

That "please" is also too little too late, after the impact of
your chosen leading phrase (before the first comma).

>bearophileHUGS at wrote:
>> This is a direct translation of the D code, maybe it's not the faster
>> Python implementation, and surely it's not the shorter one. But Psyco
See how top-posting screws things up? The immediately above is what you
responded to. Your response and mine (which is in parts interpolated into
yours below parts of yours the put relevant response below what it is
responding to) all belong down here. Double-pfui.

I better eat. I note that I was a bit too easily provoked into this grumpiness ;-)

Bengt Richter

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