any python module to calculate sin, cos, arctan?

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Tue Nov 8 16:05:17 CET 2005

On Tue, 08 Nov 2005 06:43:51 -0800, Robert Kern
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>Matt Feinstein wrote:
>> On Tue, 08 Nov 2005 12:30:35 GMT, "Raymond L. Buvel"
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>> Unless you're using Windows.
>Why? Have you tried compiling it and failed?

Copied from the linked site:

"Windows is not supported but it may be possible to get this module to
work. You will need to use the GNU tools and figure out how to build
the CLN library. Then you need to figure out how to compile and link
the clnum extension module for the standard Python. If anyone gets
this to work and wants to contribute the results, contact me at
rlbuvel at gmail dot com."

Note: "may be possible", "you need to figure out", "if anyone gets
this to work".

The message seems clear to me-- 'If you want this capability, you can
either-- 1) install all the development tools, 2) compile all the
relevant libraries, and then 3) link and compile the Python extension
module at your own risk and on your own (or on your company's) time--
or, use Linux. Personally, I'd use Linux. On the other hand, not
everyone has that option, & it seems reasonable to me to point out
that there's a non-trivial difficulty here.

Matt Feinstein

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