Inserting Records into SQL Server - is there a faster interface than ADO

Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Fri Nov 11 17:30:25 CET 2005

[geskerrett at]
> I have a program that reads records from a binary file and loads them
> into an MS-SQL Server database.  It is using a stored proc, passing the
> parameters.


> So my questions is ....
> Is there a "faster" method I can use to connect to the SQL server ?
> Or does anyone have any "optimization" tips the can offer ?

Is there a reason why you need to use a stored procedure?

Do you need to process the data in some way in order to maintain 
referential integrity of the database?

If the answer to both these questions is "no", then you can use the 
"bcp" (Bulk CoPy) utility to transfer data into SQLServer *very* quickly.

thought-it-was-worth-mentioning-ly y'rs,

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