Suggestion for (re)try statement

Sori Schwimmer sxn02 at
Wed Nov 2 21:24:48 CET 2005

0) Sorry, I don't know how to post a reply in the same
1) Grant Edwards wrote:
> The "i += 1" line is almost certainly wrong.
You're certainly write, as I acknowledged in a follow
up "suggestion for (re)try statement - correction'
2) Rocco Morreti wrote:
> What is so repugnant about the equivalent, currently
valid way of writing it?
Nothing "repugnant". We have in almost all procedural
languages an "if-else" construct, and a "case" or
"elif" as well. Same with "for", "while",
"do...while". It's all about convenience, not about
getting to bare bone equivalents.

So, I thought it's convenient to have the extra
functionality in the try statement, and am willing to
see what others think about it.

> And remember - your goal isn't ultimately to
convince me or someother 
person on comp.lang.python, it's to convince Guido

I'm not trying to convince anybody. In the democratic
state-of-mind in which I live, the idea will be taken
in consideration if it is found useful by many, not by
one, even if the one is the almighty Guido. Not that I
don't respect his opinions, or his work on Python, but
I think that "popular demand" should prevail. Not
trying to say that the "benevolent dictator", the
modern Franz-Josef, is not listening...


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