Any royal road to Bezier curves...?

Warren Francis just_another_guy287 at
Mon Nov 21 05:33:36 CET 2005

I'm fairly new to Python (2-3 months) and I'm trying to figure out a simple 
way to implement Bezier curves...  So far I've tried the following:
...which won't work because the only compiled binaries are for Windows 2000, 
python 2.1.  I'm on Windows XP (for now), using Python 2.4.  I downloaded 
the source distribution, but the header files aren't included, so I'm not 
sure how to compile it.

It appears there's some bezier functionality in the python that comes 
Blender... but I'm not savvy enough yet to try and extract whatever makes 
beziers work there, to make it work in my general-purpose Python programs.

Basically, I'd like to specify a curved path of an object through space.  3D 
space would be wonderful, but I could jimmy-rig something if I could just 
get 2D...  Are bezier curves really what I want after all?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.  I've got some ideas I want to test, 
but if I can't find a simple implementation of curves, I'm going to get so 
bogged down in trying to do that part, I'll never get to what I'm excited 
about. :-P


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