A Tcl/Tk programmer learns Python--any advice?

Cameron Laird claird at lairds.us
Mon Nov 7 20:08:02 CET 2005

In article <ef6d2$436f7b11$4275d90a$30783 at FUSE.NET>,
Kevin Walzer  <sw at wordtech-software.com> wrote:
>I've gotten all the approropriate resources for learning Python (docs,
>books, tutorials), so my question is this: are there any "gotchas" that
>Tcl programmers often encounter in learning Python? I'm thinking
>specifically about habits that may require "unlearning," for instance,
>such as grokking object orientation (Tcl procedures are now embedded
>deep in my brain).
>Any advice, particularly from other programmers with a lot of experience
>in Tcl, is appreciated.
No, for the most part.  Python's so wonderful that 
it will immediately and correctly identify the "false
friends" you happen to type.

For the most part.  If you are sufficiently steeped
in Tcl, you might find it hard to remember powerful
Python idioms--that dictionaries are first-class
objects perfectly suitable for passing, how to make
use of the different quoting syntaxes, that it's 
easy to define your own Exceptions and Classes, and
so on.

You'll do fine.

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