Why are there no ordered dictionaries?

Christoph Zwerschke cito at online.de
Tue Nov 22 21:00:44 CET 2005

Carsten Haese schrieb:
> I don't think it's intuitive if you can't describe it without
> contradicting yourself. If the order of the keys really were the order
> in which they were first seen by the dictionary, deleting and recreating
> a key should maintain its original position.

Admitted that description was not perfect (anyway it was not mine ;-)).

If a key is deleted, it is deleted. I don't think it is intuitive to 
expect that the dict "remembers" a deleted item. If it is added again, 
it is like it is seen for the first time and thus appended.

I don't think your argument viliates what I said in my last post.

-- Chris

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