Getting Python Accepted in my Organisation

Stuart Turner turnerst at
Thu Nov 3 22:27:49 CET 2005

Thanks to Everyone for replying - it has given me much food for thought.

- Stuart

Stuart Turner wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I'm working hard trying to get Python 'accepted' in the organisation I
> work
> for.  I'm making some good in-roads.  One chap sent me the text below on
> his views of Python.  I wondered if anyone from the group could give me
> some advice on how to respond / if they had been in a similar position.
> Any help appreciated,
> Thanks in advance,
> - Stuart
>  "Python is a scripting language like Perl, awk, tcl, Java etc...  it is
> not quite a fully developed OO language, but does support some OO that
> Perl doesn't.  To be clear, these scripting languages have their place in
> our environment, but they are not full replacements for C#, Java, C,
> etc... because they do not come with the full range of libraries e.g GDI
> libraries.  Python has to be compared to Perl, Awk in order to evaluate
> it. Perl, until recently, did not support threading.  Why would it? it is
> a scripting language and can run async shell commands.  I would be
> interested to learn if Python supports a robust threading model (not just
> a pointer reference to an object), as this is a significant drawback when
> using a scripting language.  CGI only works because the container can
> thread with Perl.  Python is object orientated, but I do not know what
> implementation? Essentially any language with a pointer can claim to be
> OO, although Python does market itself on OO capabilities.  Do you know
> what implementation they have used?
> Lets discuss, as I am not a great fan of Perl and if Python is more
> structured then it is possibly worth promoting."

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