A Tcl/Tk programmer learns Python--any advice?

Kevin Walzer sw at wordtech-software.com
Mon Nov 7 17:04:27 CET 2005

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I'm a Tcl/Tk developer who has been dabbling with Python for some time,
but had not seen a compelling reason to really learn the language.
Programming in Tkinter seemed redundant to me since I already have
direct access to that toolkit via Tcl, and the other Python GUI toolkits
I tried--PyQt and wxPython--were frustrating with their learning curve.

Well, I have finally found a good reason to learn Python in more depth:
the language already directly supports things that I want to do in my
next project (specifically the Carbon modules in Mac OS X), whereas Tcl
would require a lot of extending in C before I could get started. I've
decided that it's probably less work to learn the Python way of doing
things, and if I stick with Tkinter, then the learning curve will be

I've gotten all the approropriate resources for learning Python (docs,
books, tutorials), so my question is this: are there any "gotchas" that
Tcl programmers often encounter in learning Python? I'm thinking
specifically about habits that may require "unlearning," for instance,
such as grokking object orientation (Tcl procedures are now embedded
deep in my brain).

Any advice, particularly from other programmers with a lot of experience
in Tcl, is appreciated.

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