wxPython : getting started

David Sulc davidsulc at oleyres.ch
Tue Nov 29 18:20:22 CET 2005

Hi !

I've looked all over (internet, books, etc.) and I haven't found a very 
good ressource to get started with wxPython (yes, I've been through 
their tutorial).

What I would basically like to do for starters is to be able to define 
the main panel being displayed. For example :
1. wxFrame contains a wxPanel  (call it mainPanel).
2. mainPanel contains another panel (childPanelA)
3. another panel has been defined (childPanelB) but is not displayed 
(the user can only see childPanelA inside mainPanel)
4. by clicking on a menu entry (for example), the displayed panel is now 
childPanelA (which is inside mainPanel)

So how do I do this ? I realize it's a very basic question, but it's 
been driving me mad...

Also, is there any good open source wxPython program that I could study ?

Thanks for any help...

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