Python as Guido Intended

Ben Sizer kylotan at
Thu Nov 24 10:27:15 CET 2005

bonono at wrote:
> Steve Holden wrote:
> > I agree that sometimes those who shoot such proposals down in flames
> > might be more considerate of the feelings of the proposers, but life is
> > short and we are all imperfect.
> Well, no one is obliged to be considerate about other's feeling, that
> is a personal choice. But doing it the high handed way is usually
> counter-productive and never get the message across, which to me is a
> failure.

I agree with you that sometimes, the responses here can come across as
a bit condescending. I don't think this is intentional, as everybody
seems friendly enough, but I do see a pattern of people replying to a
query and implying that the original poster should know better than to
ask for whatever they asked, despite the Pythonic solutions suggested
often differing algorithmically from the best solution in other

Ben Sizer

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