Looking for small, impressive 3D-related Python script

Michael Schneider michaelschneider at fuse.net
Tue Nov 29 15:19:11 CET 2005


I would suggest that you embed python in your app (very easy to do).

-And convert several of your existing scripts to python.

-Show them a stack of python books for customer training purposes

- Drive excel with python (allows integration of your product with other 

- Pick an area of functionality that your product offers today that your
customer would like to customize.

	- convert this alg to python
	- hack you product to execute the python script
	- code a variant of the alg in python
	- execute your variant to demonstrate that python can lower custom 
development cost, and provide points of extensibility

Have fun,
good luck,

Kenneth McDonald wrote:
> I'm not trying to persuade my company to offer Python as a scripting  
> language for their product, but I am trying to give them examples of  
> things that Python can do easily that cannot be done easily with  their 
> current proprietary scripting language. After that it would be  their 
> decision. As the product is a 3D package, I'm looking for  something in 
> this field.
> This does _not_ have to use PyOpenGL, or for that matter, any Python  3D 
> package. In fact, my ideal would be a Python script that simply  uses 
> L-Systems (Lindenmayer systems) as in "The Algorithmic Beauty of  
> Plants", to generate plantlike OBJ files that can then be displayed  in 
> our program. In general, something that generates an OBJ file  would 
> probably be preferable to something that actually uses  PyOpenGL, 
> Blender, etc, as then I can just display the OBJ file in  our program to 
> say, "This is the sort of thing that can be easily  done by Python 
> without recourse to any other programs".
> So please, any suggestions are welcome.
> As always, many thanks to this group,
> Ken

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