Writing pins to the RS232

Philippe C. Martin pmartin at snakecard.com
Mon Nov 28 19:11:55 CET 2005


Some of it should be doable on windows:

Yet this might require a new wrapper module for I am not sure what the
current interface lets you do.

Not sure about Linux.



On Fri, 25 Nov 2005 13:25:44 -0800, jay.dow at gmail.com wrote:

> I want to write to the pins of an RS232 without using the serial
> protocol.  The use would be every pin could act to complete a circuit
> in customized hardware.  I could use python to communicate serially to
> a BASIC stamp or a Javelin stamp and then use the stamp to set however
> many pins as 0's or 1's but should it be that hard to do with python.
> I've looked through how python does serial with the "serial" module but
> it just uses Java's javax.comm libraries.  Is there anyway to do very
> low level device writing to COM ports?
> In summary I'm looking for something like:
> ser = serial.Serial(0)
> ser.pin0 = 1
> ser.pin1 = 1
> ser.pin2 = 1
> ....
> or
> ser.write('0xFF')
> which would set 8 pins on the RS232 cable to 1's

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