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Mon Nov 7 22:53:59 CET 2005

Alan Kennedy wrote:
> [Robert Kern]
> >>Most of AOL's offices are in Dulles, VA. Google's headquarters are in
> >>Mountain View, CA.
> [mensanator at]
> > Aha, I post to the usenet through Google. Makes the map application
> > all the more stupid, doesn't it?
> Actually, no, because Google Groups sets the NNTP-Posting-Host header to
> the IP address from which the user connected to Google. So your post to
> which I'm replying came from IP address "", which reverses
> to "".
> So presumably "chcgil" indicates you're in Chicago, Illinois?

Yes, but why, then, is my name logged into Mountain View, CA?

That justifies my claim of "all the more stupid", doesn't it?

> Although I do have to point out that the map makes it appear as if I've
> been busy posting from all over Dublin's Southside, which, as anyone who
> has seen "The Commitments" can attest, is a deep insult a born-and-bred
> Northsider such as myself ;-)
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