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>> ...but I think Python's voluntary
>> DoThis, _DoThisIfYouReallyHaveTo, and __You'dBetterKnowWhatYou'reDoing__
>> approach is a better way to go than the undefeatable keyword approach.
> I disagree.
> Suppose I have the following code.
> from module import __take_care__
> __private_detail__ = ...
> I now have two variable that are flaged the same way, but they are not.
> __take_care__ is a private variable from an other module which I should
> use with extreme care not to break the other package.
> __private_detail__ on the other hand is just keeping private data for
> my own module, which I should care about as just any other variable
> in my module. It are other modules that should take special care
> if they should choose to import this variable.

If you just import the module and use __private_detail__ vs. 
module.__take_care__ -- that solves that problem :)

> That is why I don't think the underscore prefixes are very usefull.
> They constantly flag to take care with a specific variable, while
> that variable is nothing special within the module itself.

I didn't say that the methods used were perfect or fully expressive, but 
just in the right direction.
Maybe there should be a few more variations, and they should be documented 
and blessed, and *tools* can honor them as they see fit. (Different syntax 
hilighting, lint checking, etc.)


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